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This website has been made on behalf of Jamie and her family but with permission.  May it keep you accurately informed with updates provided directly from the family and involved as well as provide tools for you to support our dear friend, Jamie Maines.

It is with great pleasure I share with you how I met Jamie and to no surprise through her daughter Jennel.  As you all will probably attest to, the magic of Jamie and Jennel is not only indescribable but leaves you remembering exactly their face, their voice, their laugh and smile.  Your heart is affected by their genuine kindness and positive attitude which makes your day brighter. Our visits with each other were commonly found in a HeartLink meeting where Jamie's adrenaline to support other people in their own business was reciprocated in full form. 

Jamie, dear friend, I may not know you as long as some others have, but upon meeting you, I knew your integrity and character.  I know that I am one of many thousands that you have touched in your life and know that people want to reach out their hand to you and help, whatever that may look like.  I know you are humble and will accept the offerings of others while voicing your boundaries ;).  Please know it's in our care and love we support you and are here for whatever you need!  Want some new rags to read, books or maybe puzzle games?  We all are wanting the opportunity to help and be there for you.  The tables have been turned.  I know you have been there for others - now its our turn to allow us to be there for you.  Let this website be a portal for us to shower you with our love, support and walk along side you during this time.


A special thanks to Nancy, Jennel and Angelina - the power of input helped pull this all together to make it come to fruition.  Thank you in advance to each and every person who's thoughts and prayers, offerings and idea's to help Jamie and her family.  Please contact me with your suggestions and idea's so that we can add them to our idea board.  In abundance, with love, I believe!  I believe in you Jamie and hope that our support helps you feel stronger during those times when it's needed.  With much care and love wrapped in hugs, Kendra Salot.

So how do you get involved?

The key below should help define each area of the website and how you can get involved.


Jamie's Wishing Well: Your thoughts, prayers, support and words are strengthening on multiple levels.  You are encouraged to leave your Well-Wishes here for her.  The power of unity and prayer heals!  Believe!


How can you make a Donation: Click on the Donation button in the side bar of any page or click on the link at the top.


Ready to lend a hand: Click on the link at the top of the page, then click volunteer to begin.  You will need to register which is a separate registration than this website.  Enter your email address below where it states 'Interested in becoming a member of this community?' 


Photo's: Your encouraged to add pictures of you and Jamie or specifically pictures that you have that embrace Jamie and how she has contributed to you and your life.  In order to add pictures you must register as a member which is easily done.  In the side bar on the right side, in the member area, click register. 


Links: Quickly links you to Facebook Fan page and Making Donations.


Guestbook: You do not have to be a member to sign the guest book, she'd would love to know you stopped by.


Calendar:  There may be events in the upcoming weeks/months that benefit Jamie, this is our way of communicating them with you.

Helping Hands for Jamie!

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My mom and I have enjoyed sharing our business Sendoutcards with everyone. Idea: if you are already a Sendoutcards user we ENCOURAGE you to Send a card A DAY.  If you are not using Sendoutcards, CLICK the picture above to use their storefront to send a card for under $3.

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