Helping Hands for Jamie

Update on Jamie



We live our lives doing our ‘ordinary’ things and something comes along that totally changes the direction of our day and/or lives.


On Monday, April 28th, during my tax meeting with Jamie Maines and her daughter Jennel, Jamie collapsed having a seizure.  The ensuing minutes were urgent, the hours unsettling and days both disheartening and thought provoking.


Jamie has had brain surgery and is now at home recovering.  Her life and mine are ever changed as a result of this experience.


For Jamie the road ahead is heralded with her being ‘whole, healthy and healed.’   That is the vision I ask each of you to see when you recall her name to your thoughts.  We ask for your prayers and support for her family as well. 


Share with others how to participate in our ‘Helping Hands for Jamie’ project by donating, sharing the website with others and suggesting the FaceBook page with your FaceBook friends.


Holding all in love and light,

Nancy Sellers





My mom is recovering well from surgery.  We are still waiting for additional reports on the type of cancer that she has been diagnosed with, once these results are discussed we will move forward with the next step in treatment.  Our family is at peace and puts complete trust in the Lord that he will heal and restore her to optimal health.  My mom's faith and strength have not waived through this complete whirl wind of events, she is truly an amazing woman.

I am excited that Kendra, Nancy and Angelina have put together this website for a number of reasons, first because it is a site that I can come to for uplifting and encouraging messages as we take one day at a time. (which is all any of us can do).  I will also post updates to keep everyone informed on how my mom is doing and our family. 

We will come out of this stronger, walking taller, and most importantly closer to the LORD.  We are thankful for all the prayers and support we have received and will continue to receive throughout our lives here on this earth. 

Much Love,